Surprise London Proposal | A + F


There was a thick mass of grey clouds over London this day, but nothing could make this day less bright in our minds. When I met up with A + F, two out of the three of us were extra excitedly nervous – yet trying not to show it – as we knew what was about to happen. F emailed me just as he stepped on a long haul flight to London, to surprise A with a visit. With the help of their friends he lured her out to Victoria train station and stepped up beside her to her chock and surprise. Being gifted a couple session with myself in the city, she still had no idea what was coming.

We spent some time laughing, talking about our lives and travel, while photographing them along the Thames, before I showed them to the spot I had secretly agreed with F beforehand. A small exchange of looks and I pulled back a bit to give the two of them some privacy whilst capturing his question to her. I think I might have cried – and laughed – as much as they did.

See the video below that F created about their story:


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