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I always get asked for tips on what to do and where to go in my hometown of Stockholm. I thought I’d compile all my favourites in a blog post and share it with you all! Good to know is that the city is built up of islands, so you are never far from water or a picturesque view. Get into the Swedish experience and see my best things to do in Stockholm plus cafes and restaurants:




Go to Gamla Stan (Old Town) for cobblestones streets, old time Sweden, overpriced restaurants and chintzy tourist memorabilia. This place gives you a great feeling for what Stockholm used to be like and the streets and buildings are perfect for some indulgent Instagraming. Have lunch at Chokladkoppen (they do an amazing hot white chocolate too) on Stortorget (Google Stockholm bloodbath for the history of the place) or have fancy cocktails at Pharmarium. Evening dining around this area go to Operakällaren or Carousel (both close to Kungsträdgården). Hermitage for a veggie option in Gamla Stan. Or Mathias Dahlgren inside Grand Hotel for a fancy option. Drinks with a view – go to Gondolen close to Slussen tube station or ‘Och Himlen Därtill’ in the Skrapan building on Södermalm. Both will give you beautiful views over the city.




 If the weather is nice, definitely go to Skansen on Djurgården. It’s a type of outdoor park/museum with old buildings and animals from all over Sweden. Fancy seeing an elk? This is the place. Also has shops and restaurants – you can easily spend a whole day here. Closer to Christmas they have Christmas fairs too which will definitely get you into the spirit! To get here you can take a ferry from Slussen using your Access card (like an Oyster card for the Londoners) or walk along the water to really get to know the city. Even if you are not into museums I would highly recommend the VASA. It’s the most visited museum in the world containing a huge skip that sank 1629 (seriously impressive and you can laugh at the Swedes who built a museum around what was essentially a giant failure…)




Södermalm – This is where you go for vintage shops and great coffee (plus the people living and having around here are the coolest). Do lunch at Nytorget, the best place to be (Nytorget 6, Urban Deli or Gildas Rum). Coffee nearby at Pom & Flora. Don’t miss the pretty walk at Fjällgatan, where you can see all of Gamla Stan. Stop by Chokladfabriken for all things chocolate.




Shopping: High street go to Drottninggatan, high end go to Stureplan (Sturegallerian is great). If it’s cold, go to indoor Gallerian for high street or NK (Nordiska Kompaniet) for high end. All of these is walking distance from each other. Östermalms saluhall for food (I love this place), MOOD gallerian is wonderful too for some quiet shopping and a drink (never too many tourists here). Newly opened Haymarket hotel has a cool bar plus restaurant, perfect for a mid-day glass of Prosecco.




People watch at Kungsträdgården (translates to ‘King’s Garden’ with a view over the royal palace) and have a very traditional Swedish “fika” at Vete-Katten (social pastime of having coffee and cake with your friends) or Citykonditoriet. Food not to miss is a kanelbulle (cinnamon bun), salty liquorice (if you are brave) and fresh fish and meatballs (of course). Swedes are the second largest coffee drinkers in the world (after the Finnish) so if you are a coffee lover you have come to the right place. In the old fashioned cafes you’ll get a ‘påtår’ which is a free refill of your cup (it’s worth going to Stockholm just for this).




Useful Swedish to know: ‘Hej hej!’ *hei hei* is a friendly greeting to friends and strangers alike. Don’t worry about a language barrier as most Swedes (and especially in the capital) will speak perfect English. ‘Tack’ means ‘thank you’ and ‘vi ses!’ means ‘see you later!’.




Hope you enjoy my beautiful home town!







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