Pink Skies London Engagement Shoot | T + R


Chic and at ease, those are the words that first come to mind. These two American sweethearts have a special place in their hearts for London, as this city used to be their home. After an exotic engagement in Thailand, London was the natural place for their engagement photography.

This was a very special engagement session for me. We were meant to start their session on Westminster Bridge, overlooking Big Ben and Houses of Parliament – a spot which is very popular with my couples. On the way there I got a call saying “Don’t go, something is going on” and rearranged our meeting spot with T + R last minute. This was the day of the horrible terror attack in Westminster. Had we only been an hour early, we would have also been caught up in it.

The whole session I was deeply shaken and upset, but I am so happy we went through with it. This is a city of love and seeing the two of them together reminded me of that. A week later I was back on Westminster bridge to photograph a proposal – reclaiming the place from fear and terror. London will not bow or break, love is everywhere.

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