My Dream Engagement Shoot In Paris

The title of this blog post is ‘My dream engagement shoot in Paris’, which unfortunately is just a dream right now. Now that the weather is chilly, colourful leaves everywhere, wind rustling and messing up my hair – and the sun peek out and creates amazing afternoon light – all I want to do right now is to shoot an engagement session in Paris.

engagement-photographer-parisPlease indulge me. I know you are out there, you stylish couple full of creative ideas and willing to create memories of a lifetime in the city of romance. This is not a cry out of for you, simply more of a reach out, like you see in the papers: “Paris-lover photographer seeking couple in love for dream engagement shoot”? I have so many ideas in my head, The Eiffel Tower at sunset, wedding dress sweeping in the wind, myself ordering macaroons in French… And what if it was snowing? Christmas lights in the trees, hot cocoa in a cute little bistro. If you’re out there Stylish-Couple-In-Love and bond over my dream engagement shoot in Paris, just… you know… Be in touch.

engagement-photographer-in-parisFrom my latest trip to Paris, at the Palace of Versaille. Wearing my favourite winter hat. 

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