London Life | Travel


 Just over eight years ago I stepped off the plane at Gatwick airport, wide-eyed, excited and nervous. I had just begun the adventure of a lifetime, switching safe Sweden for the big city of London. As I didn’t know anyone here I made sure to book myself into a busy hostel by London Bridge station to ensure I would meet sociable people who could ease my solitary state.

I didn’t know it then, but that courage and independence, the confidence in knowing I could handle anything would be momentous in my decision to start my own business. I always loved photography, but never thought the stressful and independent job was for me. With my newfound energy and belief in myself, I thought: If I can unroot my life in this fashion and deal with all these changes, there is nothing standing in the way of me making my dreams a reality.

So I bought myself a camera. And spent every evening (after days of selling shoes in Camden) on Youtube, to learn everything there was to know about photography. And that’s where it all started. In a busy, noisy (and frankly quite filthy) hostel close to the Thames. All you need is faith in yourself, passion to never give up and many many hours of practise, to make your dreams come true…