Inspiration from a Stockholm Wedding Photographer


As a wedding photographer, I feel spoiled by the multitude of sources from which I can take inspiration every day. Photographers of any type are constantly seeking beauty, emotion, drama and romance to make their pictures come alive, and what better place to find all of these things than a wedding? If you are a wedding photographer like me, the chances are you will be surrounded by loveliness every day. Flowers, dresses, sunshine, wonderful locations, beautiful people experiencing the most joyful day of their lives. It’s impossible not to feel inspired. However, in amongst all this beauty and happiness (and especially in the editing suite when the day is all done) I can still feel a little bit like I’m taking it all on alone at times. And that is why one of the most important sources of inspiration to me comes from the other photographers out there.

There are gifted photographers with a seemingly infinite amount of talent and determination and what’s more, the digital age serves their work to me on a platter. When I first started out, I spent hours on end being wowed by the images taken by those doing great things and I still am now, after years in the business.

One of those who has greatly influenced my style right from the beginning, and in fact, gave me the courage to travel on my own path towards artistry was Stockholm-based wedding photographer Erika Gerdemark. Erika is someone who I have admired from afar for years and years so when I read that she was putting on a wedding photography workshop in Sweden, I jumped at the chance to attend. The workshop was a fantastic day and I can recommend it to anyone who has the chance to grab one of the places at her upcoming workshops. The sun came out for us, the models were brilliant and it was great to shoot in my home city of Stockholm again. One big piece of inspiration I took away, along with Erika’s words of wisdom of course, were the group of brilliant Nordic photographers that I spent time shooting with. While I love London, where I live, I have always been proud of where I am from, which is why it was so amazing to be among such a talented group of Scandinavians.

Flying back to London after Erika’s workshop, still buzzing with ideas, I spent some time appreciating the wealth of talented wedding photographers that seem to crop up ‘back home’ these days. Maybe we are a romantic people, or perhaps it is due to the importance of simple, beautiful aesthetics and light in our culture. It could be our traditional bond with nature, or of course, it is entirely possible that I could just be a little biased as a proud Swede! Whatever the reason, I’m thankful to Erika for bringing us all together and sharing honestly and without holding back what she has learnt during her years in the business. She continues to be an inspiration to me, a trusted college and hopefully also a friend.


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