Surprise London Proposal in Wimbledon | A + G


If you are totally into tennis and planning a trip to London, a visit to Wimbledon is a must. If you then decide to surprise your girlfriend (and the photographer!) with a proposal, you’ll have nothing short of magic on your hands. A + G’s couple session around London turned out to be one of my most memorable from last year. As they live in LA and, I had a wedding there later in the year, they gave me all their tips what to do around town – and I in turn gave them my London favourites. We walked the streets and approached Wimbledon stadium, hoping we could get a few minutes for some photos inside. It turns out that one of the tennis ball “props” they had brought with them (painstakingly cut open with a nail clipper in the hotel bathroom we learnt later) contained a ring G had picked out from A’s favourite jeweller. She was as shocked as I was that that shoot had turned into a proposal and we all felt high on emotion the rest of the evening. Congratulations A + G, it was such a pleasure to be part of this!

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